Meet Liv

My Vegan Story

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here. My name is Liv. I’m the creator of Liv Vegan Strong! I’m 24 years old, I live in New York City, and I’m a vegan. I always had dogs and cats growing up and absolutely adored them. Eventually I started making the connection between the animals I call friends and the animals on my plate. I started looking in to factory farming and came across many different videos that completely changed my life. I couldn’t stomach the thought of contributing to an industry that causes pain and suffering to innocent animals so I went vegetarian at age 9. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized the dairy and egg industry weren’t any better so I went vegan at age 14. 10 years later and I’ll never look back.

Why I Started Liv Vegan Strong + My Approach to Spreading the Vegan Lifestyle

I grew up in West Virginia in a time when not many people knew much about being vegan. Learning how to cook for myself was a process. I started by cooking from vegan recipe cookbooks and slowly started experimenting without a recipe. I fell in love with cooking and sharing my vegan food with my non-vegan family. The idea of starting a recipe blog happened by accident but I’m so happy it did because I love showing people that vegans don’t just eat vegetables and salad. I am a firm believer that anything can be made vegan and taste just as amazing! I’m so passionate about being vegan and my favorite way to introduce veganism to people is through food. So a recipe blog just felt right. I hope you enjoy sharing my recipes with your vegan and non-vegan friends and family!

When I’m Not in the Kitchen

I have lived in New York City for nearly 7 years and I absolutely thrive in this big city. I can almost always be found exploring a new neighborhood and hitting up all the good vegan spots with my boyfriend, Daniel. I spend a lot of my free time in the park while listening to true crime podcasts. I love singing, photography, and yoga. I am a newly obsessed plant lover and a long time dog mom. I have a 16 year old shih tzu, Gizzy. He’s my best friend and can be found snoozing by my feet while I cook.

Stay Connected!

Be sure to follow me on all my socials so we can stay connected! I’m on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube! Another good way to stay in touch is through my newsletter which you can find on the home page.