Spicy Vegan Tuna Crunch Roll

with tempeh

Steamed and seasoned tempeh, avocado slices, perfectly seasoned sushi rice, and a crispy crunchy breadcrumb topping.

Steamed & crumbled tempeh is flavored with vegan mayo, lemon juice, chili sauce, sesame oil, salt, and pepper.

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The sushi rice is rinsed, soaked, and seasoned to perfection.

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The crunch comes from  dipping the top of the rolled sushi in spicy mayo and toasted breadcrumbs.

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Prepare and roll your sushi rolls!

See the blog post for my tips and tricks for how to roll the perfect sushi roll.

Slice and dip into crunchy topping.

Dip & Enjoy!

Click the link below for the full recipe

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