Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate

Made with Oat Milk

This homemade Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate is warm, creamy, and comforting! Made with only a few simple ingredients and less than 5 minutes, a mug full of this vegan hot cocoa is the perfect way to end your day!


- Oat Milk - Cocoa Powder - Granulated Sugar - Vegan Chocolate Chips - Vanilla Extract - Salt

Add granulated sugar, chocolate chips, and granulated sugar in a pot.

Along with the oat milk and vanilla extract.

Whisk together and cook over medium heat until warm.

- Coconut Whip   - Vegan Marshmallows - Drizzle of Caramel  - Chocolate Shavings - Dash of Cinnamon

Topping Ideas:

Serve and enjoy!

Learn how to make the best Oat Milk Hot Chocolate by clicking the link below!