Vegan Reuben Sandwich

with Seitan

This Vegan Reuben Sandwich is filled with a thinly sliced vegan seitan beef, melted swiss cheese, dairy-free Russian dressing, and tangy sauerkraut. It’s cheesy, crunchy, tangy, meaty perfection but completely vegan!

You'll need homemade vegan seitan beef, sauerkraut, vegan swiss cheese, and rye bread.

The vegan beef will act as our corned beef or pastrami- it is made from vital wheat gluten & spices

Make the vegan beef the night before and then thinly slice it the next day.

Next, make a vegan friendly Russian Dressing!

Combine all the ingredients into a medium sized bowl

And whisk until smooth!

Once all your ingredients are prepared, make the sandwiches.

Start with a spoonful of dressing followed by the seitan, cheese, sauerkraut and more dressing.

Slice & Serve!

Get the full recipe by clicking the link below.