Vegan Seitan Gyros

with tzatziki

This Vegan Seitan Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce packs so much flavor in every bite- thinly sliced vegan beef, fresh dairy-free tzatziki sauce, fresh vegetables, and fluffy pita bread.

You'll need thinly sliced vegan beef made from vital wheat gluten, spices, and vegetable broth.

and homemade dairy-free Tzatziki sauce!



The vegan beef should be made the night before so the seitan becomes even more delicious and the texture becomes meatier.

The tzatziki sauce can be served immediately or  made ahead so the flavors develop even more!

You'll also need fresh veggies & pita bread.

Spread the tzatziki sauce on the pita bread and top with thinly sliced vegan beef, veggies, fresh dill, and more tzatziki sauce.

Easy, tasty, fresh & flavorful! You're going to love this recipe.